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Traumatic Brain Injury FAQ

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI). The answers to some of these questions might help you better understand what is happening to you or a loved one following a car accident that resulted in a TBI.
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What is a traumatic brain injury?

When your head is hit forcefully, for any reason, there’s a potential for a brain injury. The brain is much more fragile than we think. A blow to the head can cause physical damage to the brain that is visible in the behavioral, emotional, and psychological changes that occur after the injury.

What causes TBI?

Motor vehicle accidents account for 17.3% of all TBI cases in the United States. That is topped only by “falls,” at 35.2% of all cases. Assaults account for 11%, and 21% of TBI cases are from unknown circumstances. Another 16.5% of people were struck by or struck against something else and suffered a brain injury. As you can see, auto accidents account for a significant number of these cases. Someone who is the victim of a negligent driver didn’t injure themselves. They were literally hit by another person’s vehicle and in turn suffered an injury that was in no way their fault.

How much does TBI cost society?

The cost of traumatic brain injuries on the economy is outrageous. In 2010 alone, TBI cost the United States approximately $76.5 billion. That includes the outrageously high medical bills of caring for someone who suffers this type of injury and the loss of work that they’re unable to do now that they’re injured. It’s a cost that’s too high, but the human toll a brain injury takes is far more depressing.

What are the effects of a TBI?

The brain is a physical organ just like the heart. It can become physically damaged and require surgery to repair it, just like any other organ. The tragic part of this is that the brain regulates emotions, behavior, and other intangible aspects of who a person is, right down to their core. Therefore when someone suffers from a brain injury, they might experience a drastic change in personality or feel differently emotionally (or be numb to emotions in general, depending on the area of their injury). Physical effects can include loss of muscle control, coordination difficulty, and speech problems.

What does a TBI patient have to endure?

Someone who has a severe traumatic brain injury is likely going to require extensive, long-term medical care. Their life may never be “normal” again. Permanent disability means the person will not be able to take care of themselves financially because they can’t work. They may have trouble communicating and expressing themselves to their family, or they may suffer from behavioral changes that get them in trouble later in life. It’s tragic all around.

It is only the financial difficulties that a TBI lawyer might be able to help with. Your TBI attorney can make sure that the people who hurt you or your loved one will accept responsibility for what they did, so that you or your loved one can get the financial help you need to go on with life. A TBI lawyer can also get you compensation for your pain and suffering.

What are long-term effects of TBI?

A mild brain injury might result in short-term effects, but a severe injury will likely leave a victim with lifetime consequences. There might be problems with memory, problems with thought patterns, periods of confusion, times when thinking is slowed, and much more. And many people who suffer from these injuries often have personality changes that literally makes them seem like totally different people. A very talkative, outgoing person might suddenly be withdrawn from loved ones, and it can be very painful to see the changes.

Who can help?

Your doctor, therapist, and other medical professionals, as well as loving family and friends are the primary source of comfort while you cope with a TBI. The person who can help you get compensation to pay for all of these resources is a TBI attorney who specializes in holding people responsible for causing these types of injuries.

If you’ve been harmed in a way that resulted in traumatic brain injury, you can always contact the Law Brothers and get the help you need. We don’t get paid until you’ve received your compensation. For a free consultation, call us today at (888) 778-8888.

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