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At The Law Brothers law firm, a premier injury law firm in Los Angeles, we are pleased to be the trusted co-counsel for numerous firms throughout California. If your law firm is assisting a client outside of your practice capabilities, you can utilize our co-counsel for casework and litigation.

Why Choose The Law Brothers

Lawyers who refer cases to other litigation firms frequently complain that other firms fail to provide substantial results. Plus, attempts to correspond often go unreturned, while clients complain that there is a lack of communication. This poor communication leaves the referral attorney in the dark until the referral fee check is issued.

We are different. Our firm cherishes the relationships that have been built with our referral attorneys. Most of the referral lawyers we work with consider us the top litigation firm in California and will refer cases only to us.

Advantages of applying a referral to create a co-counsel with The Law Brothers include:

  • 50% of referral fees
  • Retain us as co-counsel during any point of your case
  • Capable of assisting with initial casework and investigations 

By teaming up with other legal experts, you can handle more cases than you could on your own. Even though the attorney fees are split among firms, you will still be receiving a large share based upon your work and input.

State Bar Requirements

The Law Brothers complies with all California State Bar rules when starting in fee-sharing agreements with another lawyer or firm. The State Bar of California allows attorneys to share fees on a case as long as the client agrees to the arrangement in writing.

Our goal is to have every referral agreement authorized by the client, in writing, before the case’s resolution, so there is never a misunderstanding about the sharing of fees after the case.

Contacting The Law Brothers Firm

Please contact at us (888) 778-8888 if you have a case you want to refer to us, if you desire to joint venture with us, or if you are litigating a case that has entered a challenging stage and you require our support. We can assist in cases at any stage of litigation, dependent upon the facts of each case. We can even join in as counsel on the eve of mediation or trial.