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Auto Accidents and Brain Injuries

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A traumatic brain injury is any type of damage to the brain that occurs from an external force that is great enough to induce bruising, bleeding, inflammation, or swelling, not from other internal illnesses, neurodegenerative diseases, or congenital malformations from birth defects. Although a traumatic brain injury can be caused by a blow to the head or a bad fall, one of the most common ways that someone can develop the condition is from an automobile accident. Because of this, it is important that all people understand how an automobile accident can cause a traumatic brain injury, the symptoms of the condition, the seriousness of a brain injury, and when to seek legal help from a California brain injury attorney.

How an Automobile Accident Causes a Traumatic Brain Injury

There are two main ways that an automobile accident can cause a traumatic brain injury. Side-impact accidents are one of them. The affected person receives a direct blow to the head from the metal parts, glass, or other objects from the car.

The second way is front or rear impacts that cause the affected person to hit their head on the steering wheel. This usually happens if there is no airbag built in. However, on some occasions, even if there is an air bag present, it may not deploy fast enough to cushion the blow. This can lead to the head being thrashed back and forth so forcefully that the brain hits the inside of the skull.

The Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

The most obvious sign of a traumatic brain injury is a loss of consciousness. Anyone who experiences this must have a family member or friend contact a California brain injury attorney on their behalf. Brain injuries don’t always have dramatic results, however; sometimes a brain injury victim may remain completely conscious. It just depends on how severe the impact was and if they received any other types of injuries.

Next, they will experience pain in the affected region of the head that can vary in intensity from a dull ache to a serious migraine that won’t go away, even when pain medication is taken. Confusion and weakness are also common. Some people may feel drowsy. These symptoms are usually only temporary, but they can develop into symptoms that have a devastating, long-term impact on a person’s life, such as memory impairment, loss of muscle control, and depression.

The Seriousness of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Some types of traumatic brain injuries can lead to death if they go untreated. This generally occurs when the force of the impact from a car accident causes blood vessels to burst in the brain, which leads to a pool of blood called a “hematoma” forming. The hematoma places added pressure against the brain, which can cause even further damage to the delicate tissue.

When to Seek Legal Help from a Brain Injury Lawyer in Los Angeles

Anyone who has suffered a brain injury in a Los Angeles car accident should seek legal help from one of our experienced attorneys right away. The longer that someone waits, the harder it is for a brain injury lawyer in Los Angeles to gather all of the information that is needed to prove the negligence of the at-fault driver. You deserve maximum compensation for your losses, so don’t delay. Call us today at (888) 778-8888 for immediate legal assistance.

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